Equipment For Hire


We can offer you a large selection of mowers ranging from a small push, walk behind mower, to a large ride on mower, we have mowers to suit the nice lawn with stripes to the meadow or orchard that time forgot if you need some advice on what you need give us a call today and we will try to help.

Scarifiers, Spikers and Turf Cutters

Ground care machines for all your needs whether it is to maintain your lawn or take it up and start again we have the tools you need.  


The 15" Classen Hollow Tyne Corer has a 5hp petrol engine and is for removing cores form the ground for drainage aeration etc.


The 12" sisis Auto Greenman (Spiker) this has a 3hp petrol engine, for lawn aeration.


The petrol Honda powered Turf Cutter with a 12" cut is for removing turf.


Looking to treat your lawn, a scarifier is a great way to start. Choose from a 14" petrol engine model and a 12" mains electric, spring tine type scarifier they both pick up the Thatch and are ideal for the domestic lawn.  


If you need scarifying equipment to deal with larger challenges you can opt for either the 18" or 12" Sisis petrol scarifiers that are push with no pick up, these have solid blades and are more for the professional use.

Shredders & Chippers

Choose from a selection of chippers and shredders from small mains electric shredders to much more powerful machines.
Our most popular option for shredding is the Eliet Major, this is a powerful machine, it has got a 9hp Honda petrol engine that can shred with ease and can chip up to 2" max there are three screens for chip size fine to course.


The Howard 352

The 352 is the smaller of the rear rotor machines but can still tackle most jobs with ease, it has a 6hp petrol engine, two drive wheels and a set of 16" rotors at the back, this is perfect for the smaller areas that have not been tilled recently. For allotment owners that are starting from scratch this is the perfect choice, if you have a patch that has been worked then the front rotor machine will work for you.


The Front Rotor Machine

Choose from  a selection of front rotor machines, most have a 5hp petrol engine with 24" front rotors, they are ideal for light land or ground that's been worked before.

Stump Grinders

There are two small stump grinders both have 11hp petrol engines they are ideal for the smaller stumps that you want to remove. If you have photos of the stumps we can advise on the equipment that will do the job better.


Next we have the Levco stump grinder which has a powerful 18hp twin cylinder petrol engine it is hydrostatic driven and is self propelled this is more for the professional tree surgeons who wants to get the job done fast without the cost of getting someone else in to do the job for them.

Hard Landscaping, Post Hole Borer and more

This is where you find every thing else you might need to do the jobs in the garden you have been putting off for so long.


The two stroke powered barrow type post hole borer can be used by one man with ease, it folds up so it will fit in most cars. There are four different size auger for hire 3" 4" 8" and 14" and a 16" extension can be used as well We also have a post hole digger and a double handle post rammer.

Need to mix up concrete or cement? We have two types of cement mixers, one is 240v mains electric and one has a 3hp petrol engine so their are no limitations where it can be used both are on stands for easy tipping.

If you have a lot of material to shift around hire one of our petrol powered power carrier, there is a Honda power carrier with rubber tracks and It tips for easier unloading, and one is called The Muck Truck this is powered by a petrol Honda engine it has 5 forward speeds and one reverse this also tips to unload.


If you need serious cutting power there is a two stroke stihl disc cutter and water bottle for keeping the dust down,


Adding a drive, a patio or base for a shed then hire the 18" Honda powered compactor plate, this whacker will sort out your sub base.


Do you have an old concrete base to move? Then the hydraulic road breaker will be perfect this is petrol powered and is a real heavy duty bit of kit, we have a smaller but still powerful 110v electric kango demolition hammer, a 110v 3kva transformer is also available to hire.

Then we have every thing else from garden rolls, To pressure washers, from leaf vacs to blowers and from spin spreaders to generators if you don't see what you want give us a ring and ask as not all things are on our web site and we will try to help.

Strimmers, Pruners & Hedge Trimmers

We have a good selection of both strimmers and hedge cutters starting from a mains electric hedge cutter to a petrol pole hedge cutter. Also a light duty strimmer with line for grass to a big heavy duty one with a steel blade for real jungle bashing as with all the two stroke machines we hire out, we supply the fuel and charge you for what you use at pump prices so you don't have to worry about the mixing.

Pressure Washer, Leaf Blower & Spreader

If you are looking to spruce up your patio or driveway then why not hire our pressure washer, this is ideal for cleaning patios and drives and giving them a new lease of life. Plus not forgetting your garden, we have a leaf blower and spreader for hire. Leaf blowers are ideal for cleaning up all of those unwanted leaves which have dropped over the autumn and winter months, and our spreader is a great tool for regrassing and fertilizing your lawn.