Lawn mower servicing, sales and repairs

Lawn mower service

Regular customers have their mowers booked in with us from October, this gives them plenty of time to get their mowers serviced. Fresh oil, filters, spark plugs, blades nicely sharpened and new pull cords when needed means their lawn mower will spark into life as soon as the grass starts to grow.

Lawn mower repair

It is surprising how frustrating it is to have a lawn mower that simply won't start, when you are desperate to trim the lawn and smarten up the garden but not matter how hard you try the engine will not start.

Prices of a service will depend on the amount of work that is needed on your equipment. If you bring your machine to us we can give you an estimate for the job.

Our customers come back to us year after year because we are fair with our pricing whilst offering excellent mechanical knowledge, skill and experience to resolve your lawn mower problems.


Lawn mower sales

At times, when our regular customers treat themeslves to a new mower, we are offered their old mower. We give them a full service and carry out all repairs and offer these mowers for sale. Our used mowers sell fast because we will only sell quality products that we know will be reliable- our reputation depends on this afterall! We also know that we are likely to see these machines again for servicing - we only sell quality, reliable mowers.

Lawn mower hire

If you are waiting for a repair or are in need of a sit on mower for a big area you will find the perfect tool for the job in our hire section.

Lawn mower spares

Many people turn to eBay or Amazon for their sprares only to find they have waited a week and get the wrong part. If you get spare parts from us you get to speak to a very experienced team of mechanics who can help you get the right part first time!